Gui Zhi or Huang Qi?

While these two herbs are found pages and pages away from each other in the materia medica, in practice patients with signs of the cinnamon twig and astragulas presentations are often puzzlingly similar. Both have signs of spontaneous sweating, both have moist skin, and an aversion to wind will dog [more]

Dr. Huang discusses classic formulas, part two

Here is the second part of the discussion with Dr. Huang about the use of the classic formulas. * -Q    You have quite an interest in the history of Chinese medicine; your Master’s thesis was on the doctors of the Menghe current. These doctors were quite skilled practitioners. Can you compare fo[more]

Not exactly a textbook case

Brain damage from traffic accident An excerpt from Deciphering the Shang Han Lun, by Chang Bu-Tao (張步桃) A Mr. Li had a motorcycle accident and was taken to the emergency room and then into surgery. After surgery he was taken to the intensive care unit for observation. His older sister was one [more]

Another look at the six levels

When I first was exposed to the Shang Han Lun in Chinese medicine school, I gathered that illnesses ran through the levels like this: Tai Yang -> Yang Ming -> Shao Yang -> Tai Yin -> Shao Yin -> Jue Yin Furthermore, that mysterious Jue Yin level with its odd mixes of heat and vomiting[more]

Temples and Fortunes

Temples in Taiwan are as common as bus stops. They can take up entire city blocks, or the corner of a thin alley. They all radiate cathode light, an incense of burnt wishes and the hope that questions will have acceptable answers; that problems will have familiar solutions or that one’s dreams and[more]

Cupping in Greece

  Some Personal Explorations of Cupping in Greece Excerpt from an upcoming book on Traditional Cupping by Bruce Bentley Despite encroaching modernity, cupping continues to be a popular treatment method, passed down from generation to generation as a family tradition throughout Greece. While som[more]

20/80 Marketing

Most of us do not get involved in Chinese medicine because we enjoy marketing and think that acupuncture is a huge untapped revenue generating niche. In fact, I suspect I’d not be on thin ice to suggest that most of you reading this are not particularly crazy about the marketing process at all[more]

The practice of business

The practice of business is as varied and personal as the practice of medicine. There is no one way up to that mountaintop of success and sustainability, the journey is as personal as the way you make your morning coffee or choose the small inspirations that adorn your desk. The practice of business[more]


Oriental medicine was not developed in a laboratory. It does not advance through double-blind controlled studies, nor does it respond well to petri dish experimentation. Our medicine did not come from the observations of random cohorts, but from the observation and treatment of individuals in their particular environment.

There are books on Oriental medicine, plenty of them over the years. They are useful guideposts, and help give us an orientation with which to understand not only illness, but health. As for methods, perspectives and other’s experiences, we have a vast treasury of printed materials on such topics. Still, while there is guidance,  there is no medicine to be found in books.

Medicine comes from continuous, thoughtful….  read the rest here


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